How to Disable Confirmation Dialogs

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#1 : 19/02-18 19:17
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips
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I've been testing the program for a couple of weeks now and really like it. However I would love to be able to disable the confirmation dialogs when dragging in folders of files and when starting the rename batch. I do these things over and over again, exactly the same way and repetitive confirmations get very annoying. It would be really great to have default settings applied when dragging in folders and also for the program just to start when I hit start. Can this be done?

19/02-18 19:17
#2 : 15/05-18 16:19
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Reply to #1:
Same here...
I would like to select files, then right click send to Advanced Renamer, I have a random list there,
files are renamed, but then
Start batch
pop up,
again start

It would be nice if I could 'send' files to a preset and the preset is executed without questions.

15/05-18 16:19