Bug in Batch Mode Move function?

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#1 : 05/03-18 23:14
Paul Apple
Paul Apple
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Hi again

The first time I inadvertently used this function, all the folders I was working on were moved to a certain folder, which I then manually moved out, once I'd figured out where the folders had disappeared to.

Since then, every time I have tried to use this function as it was intended, the same erroneous folder keeps reappearing, which I assume has become the default Move folder.

I amended the settings.ini file in both places that the path appears, changing it to the main drive root folder, and the incorrect folder keeps reappearing.

I have also done a Batch Move, thinking the latest move would replace the unwanted one in the memory, but no, the old incorrect one keeps reappearing, which is really frustrating.

Please help! :-)

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#2 : 07/03-18 21:40
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have never heard about this problem before. I am not sure exactly what is going on.

When the program is in move mode, any folder in the "Output folder" path will be automatically created during the batch. Note, the output folder path can include tags to dynamically create folders.

I would like to take a look at your settings. Please open Advanced Renamer and open settings. On the Environment tab click the "Open folder" button in the "Save settings in this folder" box. I would like if you could send the settings.ini file to me. Please use this approach to make sure you send me the correct settings.ini file, in case you have more than one on your system.

07/03-18 21:40
#3 : 07/03-18 22:45
Paul Apple
Paul Apple
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Email sent - many thanks.

07/03-18 22:45