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#1 : 08/03-18 20:56
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Dear Sir.

The program Advance renamer is great.
I really use it permanently to edit my music files ..
But I have one request ..

Sometimes when I turn the replace list on and off, I replace by mistake the empty box and I press the X icon.

Can you remove or somehow unlock the X icon in replace list because it's so close to a box for activation.
I honestly do not know how to return a deleted list ....
I try but without success..
Please take this note to make this program much better.
Thank you very much in advance.
Mr. Music

08/03-18 20:56
#2 : 08/03-18 21:26
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If I understand ... you have a Replace method set up, then when trying to put a tick in the box, you press the "X" which closes the Method. If you immediately click Replace in Add Batch Method (at the bottom), it will come back unchanged.

If you are actually using a List Replace method, I agree, hitting the "X" loses the list.

My best advice is to save your List Replace .... so, once it is set up how you want, click the "Save Method List" icon, far right on the tab below "Renaming method list". Then it's always available by clicking "Load Method List".


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#3 : 09/03-18 20:41
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Reply to #2:
I use List Replace and if i click by mistake X , I always delete the complete list...
I any case i save method case every time when i start...
But it will be nice if you remove that X or make one UNDO button
to bring back previous version of Replace list..
That's my advice...
Thank you so much for help...
Mr. Music

09/03-18 20:41