Adding a second to duplicate images

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#1 : 09/03-18 00:29
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I want to rename a batch of images from, e.g., IMG_0136.JPG to this yyyy mm dd hh mm sec. Which I can do easily enough. The problem is duplicate seconds. Can I add a second to the duplicate name.

I would like to go from, for examples this,
2018 01 24 04 57 15
2018 01 24 04 57 15

to this

2018 01 24 04 57 15
2018 01 24 04 57 16

I do not see, Add incremental number in the Name collision rule drop down box as discussed elsewhere in the forum. However, I do not think this this would solve my issue as that's not what I need to do.


09/03-18 00:29
#2 : 09/03-18 16:14
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Reply to #1:
This is a bit tricky, and depends what you really want to do.

If you want to re-date/time the actual Exif data, you may need to look at other programs at the moment (ie Exif Data Changer) or use ExifTool itself. These will also rename the file according to the modified Exif date.

However, if you are OK with appending an image sub second, number or pattern, then use AR's Name collision rule options. ete_guide#page_name_collision_rules.

There are other options, multi-pass, clunky ways, even exporting lists, editing, re-importing etc etc, but I assume you don't want to mess around like that.


09/03-18 16:14