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#1 : 09/03-18 03:25
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I am new to the program, but I am reasonably computer literate. I had a play with the program using the New Name Method together with <Inc Nr> and <Inc Alpha>.

I would like to create 2 renaming sequences :

1. So that the files rename to become 2018 001A, 2018 001B, ... 2018 001Z, 2018 002A, 2018 002B, ... 2018 002Z, ...

In other words I'd like to combine numbers and alphas

2. So that the files rename to become <My Chosen Character String>00001, <My Chosen Character String>00002, <My Chosen Character String>00003, ...

Example 1 : London00001, London00002, London00003, ...
Example 2 : OTMCClub00001, OTMCClub00002, OTMCClub00003, ...

09/03-18 03:25
#2 : 09/03-18 16:27
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#2 first

2 Methods

Method 1, New Name
London<Inc Nr:1>

Method 2, Renumber
Number position: 1
New Number: 1
Zero padding: Manual
Number length:5
Apply to: Name

#1 is trickier, see default

<Inc Alpha:X:Y> Will insert an increasing letter starting with X and up. X can be any letter value. If you use a small letter, it will use small letters in all the files and big letters if you use a big on.

Note: This function can only go up to Z. If you have more files, an error will occur.
Default value for X is A.

So I think this would need some fancy work, or manual intervention. I would advise you to choose a more convenient naming strategy :)


09/03-18 16:27
#3 : 09/03-18 19:00
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response(s)

1. On Issue #1 I can see that a new numbering plan might be in order.

2. As for London00001, London00002, London00003, ...

Method 2 - All I can say is "Champagne Football". Thanks for that. I will now be able to change 13,000 file names, even though they'll be in batches of 400 or 500, very easily and to exact specs.


09/03-18 19:00
#4 : 09/03-18 21:21
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After last night, football is very "Champagne" :)

09/03-18 21:21