Folder Name as File Name ?

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#1 : 11/03-18 07:32
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I am new to the program and my English is bad (Germany)
I would like renaming my Folder Name, it should be called as the file name what's in it.

Folder Name : Metropia.2009.German.AC3.1080p.x265
File Name : Metropia (2009)

what do I have to do now?
If someone can speak German….
Thank you

11/03-18 07:32
#2 : 11/03-18 15:03
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Reply to #1:

I don't think you can do this easily in AR....

Assuming you have 1 file in a folder, you could import all the files and use the List method (populate list). Then switch to folders, and import all the associated folders. Make sure the folders are in the same order, then run the batch (the populated list will be used to rename the folders).

However, this won't work too well with sub-folders and you have to be careful the list is in the correct order etc.

You could also create the list outside of AR and import it ....

11/03-18 15:03 - edited 12/03-18 13:00