How to change folder created date based on modified date?

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#1 : 27/03-18 14:28
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I would like to redate the created date of folders, to be the same as the modified date.

Have Advanced Renamer open with 1 folder
selected 'Timestamp'
tagged 'Apply to: [X] Created date and time'
tagged 'Modified date and time'

Added Column : Created
Added Column: New Created

Now what?

Note: there is no column modified.

When trying to run this, I got an error.

Any suggestions?

27/03-18 14:28
#2 : 27/03-18 17:24
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Can't help ... get the same issue here ..... which eventually crashed AR

27/03-18 17:24
#3 : 28/03-18 10:09
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Maybe it is a bug, I don't know. If it is, let's hope it is going to be fixed.
Because of system issues (something with RAID and having to restore/new install Windows, etc.) many many folders (hundreds) are set to a certain date - date of Windows install.
That is why I want to change the date back to last modified date - modified date is still correct.
Meanwhile, as a workaround, I found a tool named 'FolderTimeUpdate' (Nirsoft).
You may wish to run this in simulation mode first, to see what it does.

28/03-18 10:09 - edited 28/03-18 10:13
#4 : 28/03-18 12:21
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If you think it's a bug, email Kim, the creator, direct ...

28/03-18 12:21