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#1 : 01/04-18 13:20
Peter Malling
Peter Malling
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First I'd like to thank you for a great app! I used to use Bulk Rename Utiliy, but AR is much more user friendly.

However, I have one issue: How do I use the capture date and time for RAW files (CR2) as tags?

The image tags <Img Year>, <Img Month>, <Img Day>, <Img Hour>, <Img Min> and <Img Sec> are empty for my CR2 files, even though they appear in e.g. Windows Explorer and Adobe Bridge for the same image.

BR Peter, Denmark.

/Peter Malling, Denmark

01/04-18 13:20
#2 : 01/04-18 16:18
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See ool

I think that should enable you to use CR2 (Canon RAW 2) files.


01/04-18 16:18