Bug in "List Replace"

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#1 : 02/04-18 17:21
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It seem there is a bug in "List Replace".

As you continue listing beyond 6 or 7 replacements, the uppermost replacement field
slowly begins to slip up under the top list border just below the field titles, eventually
making it invisible/inaccessible.

Test by creating nonsensical replacements until you have a list of beyond 10 or so items.
I'm not sure if the file list can be empty or if, at least, one file is required.
I'm thinking it doesn't matter.

02/04-18 17:21
#2 : 03/04-18 15:56
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On second look, all you have to do to test is to create a first replacement,
then, keep clicking the ADD button several times until you are beyond
10. Now, scroll up the replacements list to see that the first one remains
barely visible/inaccessible.

03/04-18 15:56 - edited 03/04-18 16:10
#3 : 03/04-18 16:23
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Reply to #2:
I don't see this on my conventional PC/Windows machine ....

v3.82 has just come out and fixes:

Fixed not visible Apply To box in List and Replace List method when running display in 200% scaling

Maybe it's related to that?

03/04-18 16:23
#4 : 03/04-18 16:24
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Actually, stick with the first test method.

The second 'empty fields' test ultimately creates a similar but different result.
The second one initially does the same thing as the first test, However, if you
just randomly delete one of the empty replacements it sets everything right.
If you fill all of them, as with the first test, the top replacement(s)"?" stays stuck.

03/04-18 16:24
#5 : 03/04-18 16:29
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Reply to #3:

Ok, thanks Mark. I will check out 3.82. That version must have just been posted in the last hour
or so. Also, I didn't see your post before I posted my last one. I will try new version first. It sounds
very similar to my issue. I don't think there is anything going on with the scaling, though.

03/04-18 16:29 - edited 03/04-18 18:54