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#1 : 29/04-18 16:48
James McCarthy
James McCarthy
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I have downloaded the Bible on audio books, but must rename the 1000+ files so they will play from my USB on the car radio.
They are now named: 01-genesis01,mp3, 02-genesis02.mp3 , 03-genesis03.mp3, 03-genesis94.mp3 etc.
But they don't play sequentially in this numbering format.

I would like to re-name them: 1 genesis.mp3, 2 genesis.mp3; 3 genesis.mp3, 4 genesis.mp3 etc.

Can someone please show me how to do this?

Note: I would like the names to have no dash...just a space: 1<space>genesis.mp3

Thank you

29/04-18 16:48
#2 : 29/04-18 17:30
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Before you start with your 1000+ files, I recommend that you manually edit 5 or so files and try them on the USB stick in your car, to make this this really works ok. And you may need to go above 9, ie when you change to 2 digits ....

The reason I say this is that I know of some hardware that will read the files in the sequence they are actually copied to the stick, and a PC, for instance, does not write the files in the order as shown in Windows Explorer. Digital Photo Frames are notorious.

If your car radio does recognise the alphabetical order etc, then it should be ok with


which is what makes me suspicious.

Given you have so many files, I'm sure what the complete variation on your naming is, ie

xx-textyy.mp3 (xx are numbers, but how many digits? text is a variable? yy are numbers, but how many digits?)

When using <Inc Nr:X:Y>, by the way, see default, If you don't want leading zeros you can turn them off in Settings Dialog.

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#3 : 29/04-18 21:21
James McCarthy
James McCarthy
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I don't think how I number the files in the computer makes any difference.
I loaded the USB with 50 files numbered:

1 genesis.mp3
2 genesis.mp3
3 genesis.mp3

50 genesis.mp3

When I play a file it speaks "Chaper X of the Book of Genesis". So I know what the file is from that.
All played correctly except "Chaper 17" played on 18 genesis.mp3, and "Chapter 18" played on 17 genesis.mp3.
Yet when I removed the USB and played it on the computer, it played the correct chapter.
I added more files to the USB, and they were all totally incorrect.
And the file radio played 17 genesis.mp3, however the voice now told me it was Chapter 19,

I tried re-formatting the USB to NTFS. That didn't work.
I tried changing mp3 to wma. it played but had the same problem as the mp3s.
And I thought it was going to be!

29/04-18 21:21
#4 : 30/04-18 00:17
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This is a much discussed issue on the web, and something I've wrestled with since the first days of mp3 players (which wouldn't play an album in the right track order, for instance).

When you say "I added more files to the USB, and they were all totally incorrect", I presume you mean they didn't play correctly on the car radio? Yet they play OK on a computer?

"I don't think how I number the files in the computer makes any difference"

I think the issue is that the device (your car radio) plays the tracks in the order in which they are stored in the file system (ie copied to the stick).

I have seen posts where formatting the stick as FAT32 worked with some devices (does depend on how big your stick is, exFAT is sometimes used).

Quite often, numbering with "001, 002" in front of a filename is recognised by a device and that's the solution. However, as it appears not to be working, you may want to try this:

See frommp3dirsorter

Once the files are on your stick, use mp3dirsorter to process them on the stick.

The problem is not with AR or your number system. If the above works, I think you can use AR in any way you see fit.

Please let me know if this works, so often a thread ends without knowing the solution.


30/04-18 00:17
#5 : 30/04-18 00:55
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I just tried something on my Photo Frame (which DOES have the issue ref. plays files in the order in which they are stored in the file system).

* Copied files named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to a stick.
* Explorer showed them on the stick, in the order 3, 4, 5, 1, 2 (before the system re-ordered them)
* They played on the frame in the order 3, 4, 5, 1, 2
* Back on the PC, I dragged the stick drive letter onto the mp3DirSorter window, and let it does its stuff in a flash ...
* Frame now plays them in the sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Hopefully, this will resolve your problem!

If not, it may be that your player is actually using the tag info, but best leave that line of enquiry until last!

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