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#1 : 07/05-18 19:27
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Hi there,

I just started to test the Advanced Renamer app and I love it!
Just one problem with the HEIC files where it does not recognize GPS data (and other file info).
I want to use Advanced Renamer to rename photos which have automatically been uploaded from my iPhone to Google Photos and then copied back to my Google Drive.
Advancer Renamer gives an error on these files telling me there is not GPS data.
When I convert the photos in my Google Drive to JPG Advanced Renamer does not give an error anymore and shows me the correct information.
I would prefer however to keep the photos in the native HEIC format, otherwise my Google Photos/Google Drive connection gets a little confused.
Can you update Advanced Renamer to also support the HEIC format?
Many thx!
Jaco from Holland

07/05-18 19:27