yyyy.mm.dd.hh.mm.ss preface works for some jpg files from camera but not for rest

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#1 : 07/05-18 22:13
James S Witherspoon
James S Witherspoon
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In my method list I have one method - Add, to add the following at index 1 -

<Img year>.<img month>.<img day>.<img hour>.<img min>.<img sec>-

I used this rule to rename many JPG files copied from my camera. It works as it should for the first files in the list, but for the rest it does not. The file is renamed but the EXIF field info is not inserted. So that only ".....-" in front of the existing file name.

These files do have the EXIF fields in them, but for some reason AR fails to extract them.

Using 3.77.

07/05-18 22:13
#2 : 07/05-18 23:11
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Any chance of sharing one of those images, please?

07/05-18 23:11