difference between sorting file by filename in application and by command prompt.

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#1 : 12/05-18 16:59
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Hello,I have problem about sorting file by filename in application.
I would like to rename many files to number.
Before renaming files,I export list of files by using command prompt.
this a command.

dir /O:N /b > list.txt

this command will print a list of files and order by filename and export into list.txt
after that I use Advanced Renamer software to rename files to number but
order by filename in application is different from order by filename by using command prompt.
so if I rename by application result will not match with list of files that I export.

here is screenshot

different point that can see is
ordering by using command prompt it will start with bracket

What should I do or how to solve this problem?

P.S I am using PC Windows 7.

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#2 : 13/05-18 23:36
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In the main Windows, click the the column header "Filename" ....

Does that work?

13/05-18 23:36
#3 : 14/05-18 04:57
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I already clicked "Filename" column header.The result is same as a screenshot.

14/05-18 04:57
#4 : 14/05-18 08:55
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That's very strange. When I create a number of files names like yours, they sort as expected when I click once (or maybe more) the "Filename" column header .....

Other than that, you many want to change your workflow by creating the list in AR in the first place .... see https://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/metho d_list

But as you know, be careful with Lists, it can cause mayhem!

14/05-18 08:55
#5 : 14/05-18 08:57
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And thinking more .... why don't you just drag in the drive itself into AR and work with that?

14/05-18 08:57
#6 : 14/05-18 13:46
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LOL,You're right.
Because there are too many files and I am confused.So when I drag files from folder and drop to application I always click "Filename" column header to sort again for sure.
But I did not notice that ordering of filename did not change at all.
I sent e-mail to support service they said its because different algorithms to use when sorting.
Anyway, Thank you very much for your suggestion.

14/05-18 13:46
#7 : 14/05-18 15:17
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You may want to consider using another Windows program. I use FileLocator Pro a lot (it's one of my most used), http://www.mythicsoft.com/filelocatorpro

I used it to search for all files on a drive, 46Gb, 80,000 files, took about 18 seconds.
You can sort by folders then files, or by files .... etc.

Still, this is just too much for AR, but you can select any suitable amount of files. Drag them in to AR. In my experiments, the sort order is maintained. Rename ......

14/05-18 15:17
#8 : 14/05-18 17:58
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Exactly,This is what I want.
Thank you for your kindness‚̧

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#9 : 14/05-18 19:15
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Well, that's just great! And thanks for posting back, not many do ....

14/05-18 19:15