Reversing File Names

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#1 : 15/05-18 18:37
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I tried the suggested script to reverse file names:
function (index, item) {
var OldName =;
var NewName = OldName.split('').reverse().join('');
return NewName;

But I get the following error: invalid script line 0: _itemFunc is not defined

Any suggestions?

Pete A

15/05-18 18:37
#2 : 15/05-18 23:28
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Reply to #1:
Did you get this from um_id=1414

It works for me ... as does the single line Kim recommends;


(but both only work when "Apply to" is "Name")

I don't get error messages, and am using v3.82.

Can't help more than that, I'm afraid.

15/05-18 23:28
#3 : 16/05-18 04:42
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Thanks Mark for answering.

Yes, I used the script mentioned.

I might not have the settings correct.

I was going to attach a screen shot, but I don't see anyway to do that here.

I am not a beginner, I have been programming sense 1962.

I have tried simple replace scripts and get the same error.

I may have the wrong setting. Is there any tutorial on how to make scripts work.

Thanks in advance.


16/05-18 04:42
#4 : 16/05-18 09:48
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Reply to #3:
1962 ..... a fine year! The Year I was born :)

I do not use the scripting, so I cannot help directly.

The only AR "tutorial" I know of is in the User Guide, ete_guide#page_example_scripting

You may want to email Kim directly via


16/05-18 09:48