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#1 : 16/05-18 23:23
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Im looking to organize my pictures so I can upload them into a software program.. we take pictures on a camera of our items in a format of img001 img002 img003 etc etc

Ok so about every 5th or 6th picture we change to a new item (and new sequential item number) and want to number the pictures accordingly. we start with item number label eg 1001

The idea of visual thumbnails really helps so my thought would be to look and click each picture label of each new item and make those the sequenced pictures, every 5 or 6 in between would belong to that group-


img 1 change to 1001 (click and start as 1001)
img 2 to 1001 -1
img 3 to 1001-3
img 4 to 1001-4
img 5 to 1001 -5

img 6 1002 (click and start as 1002)
img7 1002-1
img 8 1002-2

img 9 (click and start as 1003)
img 10 1003-1
img 11 1003-2

img 12 (click and start as 1004)
img 13 1004-1
img 14 1004-2
img 15 1004 -3
img 16 1004 -4

open to ideas there may be an easy way to do this? idk

16/05-18 23:23
#2 : 17/05-18 10:17
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This sounds like a one-off process? If so, then it would be easy to do, but involve many manual selections.

If it's something you want to fully automate, then there's problems ... how to programmatically tell AR where to start renaming. In this case, I think you ask too much of AR.

17/05-18 10:17
#3 : 18/05-18 11:51
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I think too, that this is too much for AR to do, I have 2 ideas:
1. you have to move the files into seperated folders first, and then rename with AR.
2. you need a script for this. I use XYPlorer for such things.

Hope you find a solution.


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18/05-18 11:51