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#1 : 30/05-18 21:21
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I tried selecting "set upper case first letter" and it did not capitalize the first letter in my files. I'm guessing this is because each file actually starts with a number. Is this correct? The solution seems to be that I must use "set pattern to upper case" using regex to specify that I want the first letter AFTER any string of numbers to be capitalized. Correct? I don't know regex, can someone here please help?

105. a Hello to You = 105. A Hello to You
02. the Best Time of Day = 02. The Best Time of Day

30/05-18 21:21
#2 : 31/05-18 16:02
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Nevermind about this. I didn't get a response soon enough so I found a work around. In case anyone else needs a similar solution, this is what I did:

1. Changed the filenames to the ID3 Title, which removed the track numbers from the filenames.
2. Capitalized every other letter.
3. Ran my rules that uncapitalized all the articles, coordinating conjunctions and prepositions.
4. Capitalized the first letters.
5. Added the track numbers back to the filename.

31/05-18 16:02