Feature Request: Scripting

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#1 : 22/11-11 22:27
Clay Anderson
Clay Anderson
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I love your tool -- it's one of the most intuitive renamer tools I've encountered, and it works great.

But to make it really great :-), I have one request: could you implement scripting, so that the tool could be triggered via a batch file? I use this tool for renaming photos, and would love to automatically trigger the renaming whenever I download new photos.

Thanks for considering!

22/11-11 22:27
#2 : 23/11-11 08:30
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I am working on that feature right now and will be included in the next major release. It requires a large amount of refactoring and reorganizing of the existing code base but I expect to release a beta version within two weeks.

One of the features will be to execute a batch method list on all files in a predefined folder on the hard disc.

23/11-11 08:30