Renaming Folders Containing Subfolders Error 101

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#1 : 05/06-18 18:22
Martin Hermann
Martin Hermann
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I want to rename multiple folders and subfolders using the Replace method. Advanced Renamer does this only for the lowest subfolders.

For the other folders I get the error 101, I started the Advanced Renamer as an administrator that does not help.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help me!

My Version Advanced Renamer 3.82 (not registed, private use) and Windows 7 64bit

The Folders and Subfolders are in the root from C:\

Regards Martin

05/06-18 18:22
#2 : 06/06-18 11:43
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Reply to #1:
If you want to rename main-folders and the sub-folders, you have to do it in 2 steps. Otherwise you may get an error, because the main-folder no longer exists.
So try to rename the main-folders first, and then add thier sub-folders in another renaming action.

06/06-18 11:43