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#1 : 05/06-18 20:51
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1. I have file called ODDA_TS05018 and the file type is file

From Pattern I have

To Pattern
ACH_\1${date MMddyyyy})_073000.ach

The file is not moving. Is my Regular Expression renamer in correct.

Thanks for the help

05/06-18 20:51
#2 : 06/06-18 11:55
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Reply to #1:
This can't work. What method do you want to use? Replace?

You have: ODDA_TS05018.file
And what do you want to get? ACH_ODDA_06052018)_073000.ach ?

In your to pattern:
- \1 wrong? if you wanted to get ODDA_ you must use $1
- date? Wrong format. Pls click on "</>". And/or look at datetime


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06/06-18 11:55