Conditional renaming of folders based on content?

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#1 : 06/06-18 22:56
Robert Laczhazy
Robert Laczhazy
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I hope I'm asking this in the right place & this is an applicable application for my problem.
In my music library (/music/<artist>/<album>/files) I have quite a few albums that were pressed onto 180g vinyl as audiophile quality. I've flagged these as putting a tiny text file called "_180g.txt" into only those folders.

Is there a way to program recursively go through my whole /music folder and ONLY rename those album folders from <album> to <album-HD>?
In other words: simply append "-HD" onto the existing folder name *IF* that folder contains a file called "_180g.txt"

Is this even possible? Thank you so much for any feedback!

06/06-18 22:56