Import CSV to replace only a part of a name

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#1 : 07/06-18 14:38
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I'm figuring out the CSV import feature to rename multiple files quickly instead of spending hours to do so manually. I have a example folder with 3 different pictures of 10 chairs.

My csv file looks like this:

chair grey;123
chair red;124

But need this to happen:

Old name > new name
chair grey > 123
chair grey_01 > 123_01
chair grey_02 > 123_02
chair red > 124
chair red_01 > 124_01

If I use the CSV import, it only changes the name of the first file (chair grey and chair red), because that is an exact match. But I want it to also rename the other 2 files because they belong to the same group, WITHOUT having to type them in my CSV file piece by piece. Is this possible?

07/06-18 14:38