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#1 : 24/11-11 10:01
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Hi everbody,
I have a folder tree like thathis,

1. Medical Devices

1.1. ECG Devices

1.1.1. Warranty Card
1.1.2. CE Certificate
1.1.3. Caliration Certificate

1.2. EEG Devices
1.2.1. Warranty Card
1.2.2. CE Certificate
1.2.3. Caliration Certificate

1.3. Defibrillation Devices
1.3.1. Warranty Card
1.3.2. CE Certificate
1.3.3. Caliration Certificate

1.4. Spirometer Devices
1.4.1. Warranty Card
1.4.2. CE Certificate
1.4.3. Caliration Certificate

Now I am trying to rename all folders named "Caliration Reports" to Calibration Certificates. Everytime I try to rename them, program comes with an error code 109 saying that "Possibilty of multiple files with the same name"
So I need your help to solve this problem.

Also I should tell that those folders are in the network disk. I can't add them by clicking the "add folder" button, so I drag and drop the root folder into the program. Can it also cause the problem?

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#2 : 24/11-11 11:05
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer is not testet with network shares. I know it works with mapped network drives. It might work with shared network folders but I cannot guarantee it.

It is difficult for me to tell you what is wrong without knowing how you have configured your batch. Can you take a screenshot and send it to me? You will find my e-mail address by clicking About in the menu. Can you also attach the method list? You can save the list of methods to a file and attach to the e-mail.
That will give me a better overview of what you are trying to do.

24/11-11 11:05