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#1 : 02/07-18 20:21
Matt Baker
Matt Baker
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Is it possible to specify a typed path when adding directories?
I have a network/UNC path that I would like to add files from using the mask or regular expression match, but can't find a way of doing this.

It seems overkill to map the drive just to add items and then un-map it each time after the batch processing is done.

Could the default directory browser mimic something like this?

Just started using this software and have to say I'm impressed so far.

02/07-18 20:21 - edited 02/07-18 20:23
#2 : 02/07-18 20:37
Matt Baker
Matt Baker
Posts: 2
Reply to #1:
Ah, I see that dragging and dropping the directory allows the files to be filtered. That's a workable solution.

02/07-18 20:37