Bug with Insert Date. Reproducible.

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#1 : 06/07-18 10:40
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I love AR, but have a bug to report. With demo files that allow it to be reproduced.

AR version: Advanced Renamer 3.71
OS: WinXP SP3.

I have been getting an intermittent wrong-date error now and then as long as I've been using AR. A few years. It's very rare. It seems to be dependent on some pattern within the image-taken date field. The result is a wrong month-day inserted into filename.

Today it's reliably doing it wrong with all the images taken today, whether I do one or several at a time.
The filename result is wrong, with just the one method enabled.

The files I've provided here allow the bug to be reliably reproduced.
See: http://everist.org/pics/ar_bug_demo/ar_bug_demo .zip 3.8MB

The method that is failing:
Add: <Year Created><Month Created><Day Created>_
At index: 1
Apply to: Name

Example of bug:
With an image taken today (20180706) filename IMG_0327.JPG
(filename 0327.jpg in this bug demo fileset.)
Irfanview shows pic info & EXIF data is correct 2018-07-06. (6th July 2018)
But AR makes the filename 20180618_0327.jpg
It should make it 20180706_0327.jpg

Files present in this demo:

__AR_date_bug_info.txt This text
0327.jpg The sample image 3.5MB
date_bug_demo.png Typical usage screenshot. Shows wrong date results.
date_method.txt String copied from the Add date method.
info_and_exif.png Screenshot, irfanview pic info and EXIF info of the sample pic.
Just_this_method.png Screenshot, just the one date method enabled, still buggy result.
method_1.png The three methods usually enabled, to fix pic filenames.

Hope this helps. It would be nice to have it fixed.
I don't suppose it's already been found and fixed? I tried a search of the forum, but couldn't see a mention.

06/07-18 10:40