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#1 : 27/11-11 21:53
Henk Uitewaal
Henk Uitewaal
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Hi there Kim!

If I do a batch rename on pictures using the creation date tags <IMG Year, Month & Data> together with <Incr Nr:001> it nicely does its job to rename e.g. 20111117001, 002 and so on. But when the creation date changes to 20111120 the increment goes further where it ended with the 20111117 date! Is there a way to automate that at a new date the increment starts again at 1? The work around now is to only rename the same creation dates as one batch, it works fine but in this eara of automation..........
It could be that I overlooked the feature, than sorry!

27/11-11 21:53
#2 : 28/11-11 14:30
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I think you need to look at Name Collision Rules hp?ident=name_collision_rules . If you use the Append Incrementing Number rule you can add a number to all files ending up with the same name. Instead you using <Img Year><Img Month><Img Day><Inc nr> you can use <Img Year><Img Month><Img Day> and whenever to files end up with the same name Advanced Renamer will automatically add an incrementing number. That will reset the numbers in the way you want. There is only one problem: The first in a sequence will not get 001 appended, you will need to handle that afterwards.

I hope this helps you.

28/11-11 14:30