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#1 : 13/07-18 12:20
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I’ve been using another renaming program for some years now, but just started playing around with Advanced Renamer. Everything is straight forward enough, and it has some benefits over the previous program I used, definitely a better option, but I just have a couple of questions.

1… I use the list method frequently, but there appears to be no way of adding a list of names to the current names, only replacing the current names of files. The only workaround for this is to first replace the extensions with the list names and then use another method to reintroduce the extension. Is there a better way of doing this ?.

2… Once a preset is loaded should the selected preset display in the preset window above the drop down menu. The window never displays anything, even after choosing a preset from the drop down menu. No big deal, but there seems no reason to have a window if it is not displaying the currently selected preset. Is this possibly an issue on my system.

Thanks in advance


13/07-18 12:20
#2 : 13/07-18 13:47
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Well, I don't know if my english is good enough, and I understood everything, but I'll try:

1. you can use tags in the lists. try
Then you get "old name_entry1" as result. And you can choose if you want to replace name and/or extension at the "Apply to:"-dropdown.

2. I think the Presets dropdown is for faster switching saved method lists, not for showing the currently loaded preset.

Hope this helps? :)


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13/07-18 13:47
#3 : 14/07-18 14:14
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Domi...Thanks for the response. I will give the tags approach a go tonight. It does seem very logical. I haven't worked with tags before, so this is something I will need to consider when solving problems with AR.

The Presets window is not a big issue. I just wondered if it was my installation, or a normal function. I still find it odd that there is a permanantly empty window. Maybe just a requirement of a drop down list.

Thanks for posting


14/07-18 14:14
#4 : 16/07-18 10:41
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Tried it and it works fine. I made a simple change for ease of use. Basically I added the <name> tag using the Add method rather than paste it into the list after each list name. The Add method is inserted below the List method with the following settings.

Add: <name>

At Index: 0

Backwards (Checked)

Apply to: Name


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