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#1 : 17/07-18 14:50
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I'm not sure what I did wrong, but when I try to restore previous batch, it just returns with an error telling me that it cannot undo the changes that it made today.

I suspect that I forgot to go in and alter a rename condition form a previous used, and now I feel like an idiot as I have a TON of files with no name. What makes it especially curious is that the files with no identifying name are now (for example) with the numbers indicating the software version.

What makes it especially curious to me is that the the files in question do not even have the term that wanted for a replacement. I entered replace ARCHIVED in name with ADV. Instead I get (no name)

If you could shed some light on how to get batch undo to work, I sure would appreciate it as I didn't have enough sense to backup these particular folders and I do not want to go in and identify/rename around 2,500 files. .

Thank you so much!

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#2 : 17/07-18 17:20
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Did you rename the folder that contains the files?
The Undo-List shows all renaming actions, and marks the files/folders red if the are no longer available. If you renamed images in "Pictures" and then later you rename the folder to something else, AR can't find the files from this action. So you have to restore the old folder name first.


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