New Version Confusion

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#1 : 22/07-18 03:00
Rick Mitchell
Rick Mitchell
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Ever since I started using the update software SUMO to check for program updates, the listing has always shown Advanced Renamer as having an update available. The first few times I would check through AREN or your website and find the same message "You have the latest version."

I have some screen grabs to show you what SUMO is reporting, but there is no way to post them, so I'll walk you through the details (let me know if you want me to forward them by email).

Currently Sumo lists my version of AREN as and that there is an update available to

My registered version of AREN shows a version number of 3.82 without any of the bonus extra dots and digits to the right. Also, nowhere on your website do I find any versions that include more than 3 digits and one dot.

I'm bringing this up here because you're the obvious gold standard source for AREN version numbers. I also thought you should be aware of the situation so you can decide if its something that requires a followup with the makers of SUMO, KCSoftware.

No matter what, thanks in advance for any insight into this little puzzle.

Also, a huge personal THANK YOU for creating AREN and continuing to imrprove what already is an amazing piece of software. I just can't believe it took me years to stumble upon AREN after actively trying and rejecting far too many other programs. Sigh.


22/07-18 03:00