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#1 : 09/08-18 22:48
Anne-Marie Besnard
Anne-Marie Besnard
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hi I speack french so sorry for my english.

I just came back from a trip with my friends and we have 7000 photos from 3 différents camera and 3 I-phone.

I would like to rename all the pictures at the same time and that they can be in order with the date and hour of each photo .

I don't know if I am clear but is it possible to rename all pictures from 5 differents cameras at the same time so they will be in order regarding the date and time

thank you

09/08-18 22:48
#2 : 14/08-18 14:04
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
If you copy the files from all cameras to the same computer, you can add all the files to the program. Then sort the files by clicking Date Taken column. If the column is not visible you can activate it by right clicking the column header. When sorted, you can rename the files the way you want.

Note, for this to work all the pictures must have correct timestamps embedded in the metadata of the images. Errors can happens when doing this with images from various sources.

14/08-18 14:04