Allow combination of files and folder to be added in one step

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#1 : 11/08-18 10:50
Andreas Toth
Andreas Toth
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Currently only a set of files or a set of folders can be added at any one time. Please add the ability to add both. Also support the filter for both types (see um_id=5376). Also provide a mixed view displaying both files and folders (see um_id=5377).

Note that being able to add both files and folders in one go would speed up cases like the ones I have where I have to traverse several thousands of files and folders looking for a specific pattern to match for both files and folders. Currently I have to add the files once, which can be done with a filter. Then I have to add all the folders and then filter them. Having to traverse the files and folders twice is unnecessary as it should only have to be done once.

Note that this means having to rename from the bottom up so that paths don't change and invalidate location of files and folders above them.

Note that ReNamer can do this.

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#2 : 14/08-18 13:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
To implement this I would need to rewrite a lot of code. It is not my opinion that it is worth the time and effort. I have no immediate plans to make any changes to this basic structure of the program.

14/08-18 13:34