Remove Track Numbers from MP3 CD

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#1 : 01/12-11 09:12
Matthew Lane
Matthew Lane
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For example:

Remove the 05 from 05 Billy Jean.mp3 to:

Billy Jean.mp3


FYI - not to get you confused but, I copied the entire CD to my pc in the mp3 format and I need to remove the track number in the name file.

01/12-11 09:12
#2 : 01/12-11 15:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
If the track number is two digits on all tracks you only need to remove the first 3 charecters from the filename. You can do that with the Remove Method. Set remove count to 3 and start to 1. hp?ident=method_remove

01/12-11 15:59