Capitalize the first letter of an specific numbered word

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#1 : 12/08-18 04:31
Jhon M.
Jhon M.
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Hi, I wanna know if it's possible to change only the first letter of the 2nd word (group of letters), without having to apply the method to change the first letter of every word to uppercase...

I want to change this:

01. title of the track
02. title of the track
03. title of the track

To this:

01. Title of the track
02. Title of the track
03. Title of the track

* Obviously word "Title" is variable, an different from the other files; as well as the rest of every file name... I just tried to simplify the view.

Thank you in advance.

PS: I'm basic user... well, I think that's obvious :)

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#2 : 14/08-18 13:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You can try this trick. Use the New Case method and choose "Set pattern to upper case", then set the pattern to this:

Remember to mark the "Use regular expressions" checkbox as checked

14/08-18 13:23
#3 : 17/08-18 07:59
Jhon M.
Jhon M.
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Reply to #2:
I've tried that, but there's no change

Then playing with the tags and that formula, I discovered this:

The result is:

01. TITLE of the track
02. TITLE of the track
03. TITLE of the track

May be it's related to the Word Boundaries topic ies.html

But I don't have any clue.

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#4 : 17/08-18 09:18
Jhon M.
Jhon M.
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Forget it, after an hour and a lot of tries, miraculously I found the solution on a lucky strike by combining a formula that I found here: t-is-the-regular-expression-to-allow-upp ercase-lowercase-alphabetical-charac

with the tag <word:X>

If somebody wanna know:

Method 1:
New Case > Set upper case first letter in every word
Method 2:
New Case > Set pattern to lower case >
Pattern: <Word:3>+[A-Za-z.\s]+$
Use regular expressions: Checked
Apply to: Name

I barely know what that means... I barely use some regex.

Anyway, thank you for your help! I appreciated it!

17/08-18 09:18