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#1 : 13/08-18 11:05
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I am looking to rename a *large* number of image files scattered across several folders/sub-folders based on the EXIF (simple schema of yyyy-mm-dd_hh_mm_ss). However, I don't want to rename if the EXIF data is missing.

The easy way I figured was to simply exclude the files that are missing EXIF data. However, it is tedious to uncheck a large number of files that are missing EXIF data.

Is there an easier way to do this please?

13/08-18 11:05
#2 : 14/08-18 13:19
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You might be able to sort on the Date Taken column and remove all the files with missing timestamps. They should be located either in the top or the bottom of the list.
In the next version of the program (due release within 2 weeks) you will be able to sort the files based on a tag or pattern. That might also help you.

14/08-18 13:19
#3 : 14/08-18 14:32
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great ! thanks !

14/08-18 14:32