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#1 : 21/08-18 00:19
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I have recently updated my workflow to convert all files to DNG before doing any renaming.

My renaming methods for the filename are working perfectly using ExifTool.

However replicating my folder structure of 'Year\Month-MonthString' '2018\08-August' is giving me issues. I used to use <Img Year>\<Img Month:00>-<Img Month:Xxxx>\

I currently have J:\Photos\<Substr:1:4>\<Substr:6:2>-???\ this returns from the renamed filename year\month 2018\08-???. I cannot work out what to put in place of the ???

I did try <File Line:1::"J:\Months.txt"> but since I cannot automatically change the '1' to the month from the filename by nesting tags I am stuck! <File Line:<Substr:6:2>::"J:\Months.txt">

I also tried keeping my setting the same using the Img tags and changing the EXIF field in Settings but I don't think this works for DNG files.

One possible solution could be to have a new tag that pulls from a script method variable.


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