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#1 : 01/09-18 13:06
Captain XLAB
Captain XLAB
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Hello everyone, advancedrenamer is a tool that saved a LOT of my time. I record a LOT of vids, in both real life and using software to record on screen games, and when I'm low on disk space, I use Handbrake to re-encode some videos into H.265.

I convert like 100 videos at a time and it used to take FOR EVER renaming them using something like bulkfilechanger, but adv.renamer saved my time :D

Now, the thing is, when the video files are created, they have that timestamp as "Date Created", and their names are also having the date created time in them. But when the video ends, the total length of the video is added to date created, as "date modified".

Using AdvancedRenamer, there are almost all options I need, but it'd be amazing it can get video length from basic video formats (mainly mp4) and have an option "add video length to date created"

Thanks! :)

01/09-18 13:06
#2 : 08/09-18 12:02
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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Reply to #1:

Hi try:
Add method, New Name, Select Default tags <Name>, Select Video Tags <Video Duration>

Will not work without: Program - Settings - Music & video files, UNCHECK "Don't analyze video metadata"

08/09-18 12:02