Error when adding a file w/ Turkish character in its name

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#1 : 08/12-11 09:02
Fatih Dogan
Fatih Dogan
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Great tool, works for many of my files.

However I do have a problem, many of my files contain Turkish characters such as
Ý ý Ü ü Ð ð Ç ç Þ þ Ö ö

For example, when I try to add a file named "3.GRUP TESLÝM_111003.xls"
I get the following message:
"1 items were not found"

I am guessing the culprit is the upper case Turkish i with a dot ("Ý") in the file name.
One of my main purposes to use Advanced Renamer is exactly related w/ these characters, I would like to replace them with "regular" characters. But I can not even add the file to do the renaming.
Is there a way that I can make this work?

Best regards, and thanks for the great job.

08/12-11 09:02
#2 : 08/12-11 09:38
Fatih Dogan
Fatih Dogan
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Looks like 6 of the Turkish characters I wrote in my above message are the real problematic ones.
I found the below info on Wikipedia and I hope it will help you in directing me to a solution to my problem:

"The Turkish alphabet contains six letters not present in ISO 8859-1, and that will therefore present problems: Dotted uppercase "I", dotless lowercase "i", upper- and lowercase "G" with breve accent, and upper- and lowercase "S" with cedilla.

Turkish computers may use character set ISO 8859-9 ("Latin 5"), which is identical to Latin 1 except that the rarely used Icelandic characters "eth", "thorn", and "y with acute accent" are replaced with the needed Turkish characters. "

08/12-11 09:38
#3 : 10/12-11 21:03
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The support for foreign characters like the ones you mention is not always supported. They will be supported some day but I cannot say anything about when.

10/12-11 21:03
#4 : 15/12-11 15:54
Fatih Dogan
Fatih Dogan
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Thanks for the repsonse. Hopefully soon you will include support for these characters.

Keep up the great job!

15/12-11 15:54
#5 : 26/09-13 23:39
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Can you plse include Polish in the upgrade as well. I am having the same challenge...

26/09-13 23:39
#6 : 04/04-14 22:31
Alex Luiss
Alex Luiss
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Too bad you cannot even add those files. Otherwise I would suggest you to create Replace methods for each kind of special character if you want to.

Replace [à ý]
to y

Replace [Ãüúù]
to u


04/04-14 22:31