Cannot purchase -- too many crashes

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#1 : 05/09-18 16:55
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I would have no problem buying this software. It has extreme value when it works.
But it crashes and hangs wayyyy too many times.
I'm at the point where I am going to look elsewhere for my file renaming needs.
I'd be happy to submit a substantive bug report if author is interested.

05/09-18 16:55
#2 : 06/09-18 12:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you experience repeated crashes in the program, you should contact me by email with instructions about what you are doing when you experience the crash.
I am not aware that the program should be particularly unstable.

06/09-18 12:59
#3 : 08/09-18 18:42
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Thanks Kim. I do not have your email address. Please let me know best way to contact you.
I'll try to record videos from my phone of my desktop to capture the crashes. I'll try to keep them short so I can email them to you.

08/09-18 18:42
#4 : 08/09-18 21:39
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Hey - I uninstalled, then removed the directory, and reinstalled. Things are looking brighter.

08/09-18 21:39
#5 : 17/09-18 21:56
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It's crashing each time now (again). Dragging one MOV file into the view, then clicking 'ExifTool...' button causes the mainframe to dim, and the cursor turns to the WAIT cursor and never returns. To relaunch, I have to kill the app from task manager and relaunch. I drag a different MOV file and the same dim/hang/kill behavior occurs. This software is a good idea, but not ready for prime time. Thus, I cannot donate.

Do you have plans to fix all these these crashes and hangs? If so, I can help fund.

I can no longer reply to this thread, so I'll edit this one.

It is an extreme cop-out to blame the computer of a potential customer without asking more questions. This is the mark of a Junior developer or Junior QA engineer that does not have the capability of exploring other paths that could cause these errors.

I posed this problem in the thread as "I would buy this software if....." - your response has also impacted your marketing and finance aspect of your company. I wish you well. Over and out.

17/09-18 21:56 - edited 23/03-19 16:20
#6 : 19/09-18 09:17
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am pretty sure the problem is local to your computer.
Where are the mov files located? Are they on a local hard drive?
How large are the mov files?
What version of Windows are you running?

The ExifTool feature is an external tool, calling exiftool.exe. :
You can try and update ExifTool manually. Also, are you using any form of third party antivirus or similar, that would prevent programs from opening other programs?

19/09-18 09:17
#7 : 19/09-18 13:18
David Lee
David Lee
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I have also experienced a significant number of crashes in the two weeks since I started using Advanced Renamer.

Whilst I'm not exactly sure what I did to cause the problems, it appears that A.Ren is failing to trap some errors correctly.

I'm using the "Portable" version of Advanced Renamer 3.83 installed on 64-bit Windows 7.

Symptom is an Error Message similar to "Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'ARen.exe'. Read of address 00000000'

This may then be followed by another error message - my latest was "Invalid pointer operation".

In most cases the program then closes and it will continue to throw access violations and crash when "legal" options are selected after restarting.

When this happens Task Manager shows that ARen.exe*32 is continuing to run in the background when the program is closed. Once this task is killed, Advanced Renamer will function correctly again.

Occasionally the Access Violation is not fatal and the program will continue to run correctly, however ARen.exe*32 once again continues to run when the program is closed and Task Manager then shows a duplicate version of ARen.exe*32 when the program is restarted.

19/09-18 13:18