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#1 : 08/09-18 03:46
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why is it only changing the first files extension if i run it as is it doesn't rename any other files in that batch job apart from the first file. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/487798376134606868/unknown.png

nothing i do to try and remove the extension name from a file name to the change it in a later set seems to work to all files

problem 2.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/487798557978394645/unknown.png

shouldn't the <Inc NrDir:001> command have made the end resulting files read:

my overall goal/what im trying to do is to change archiving backup files from:



if some1 can help walk me though the commands I need to get to my end result im after. im happy to give $10usd via paypal

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#2 : 08/09-18 11:21
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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08/09-18 11:21
#3 : 09/09-18 09:24
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it works on the first file but it still isn't doing the same change down the line of files I just installed the program and started trying to change file names I haven't changed any settings in the program

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/488247805115105280/unknown.png
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/488247862577332224/unknown.png

09/09-18 09:24
#4 : 09/09-18 14:24
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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Well no idea how to explain that as you so seem to have the correct settings. It may or may not be happening outside of AR. Maybe try something like these tests:
1. Uncheck the first file (1.edition_2) and see if the batch rename proceeds with _3, _4 (in case the first file breaks AR and stops it from proceeding).
2. Move the files to a shallow path on C:, eg C:\_tmp (in case your path on G: is too long or your partition type on G: is causing a problem.)
3. Remove the files again from the shallow path and re-create the same 3 filenames in that C:\_tmp dir using tiny files, eg 3 1 or 2 byte text files (in case the files are too big or something).
4. Try the same tests on a different machine (in case there is MS library missing on your test machine.)
5. Make sure you can edit those 3 filenames in Windows Explorer (to prove the files aren't locked by another process)

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#5 : 09/09-18 15:31
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unticked is same thing https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/488338336566607872/unknown.png

if i move a file it only like the first one if i copy those exact same files ie duplicate them it likes about 50% of the copied/dupped files
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/488339470844690435/unknown.png

if i create all new empty txt files in g:\temp it likes all but the first file (4x right click create new txt document)
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/125138886 568443904/488340335471362049/unknown.png

this is getting werid

ps. I didn't put long spaces in between my words in this post no idea how/why its doing that

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#6 : 10/09-18 05:49
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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So I'm noticing the exclamation marks in your pathname (G:\!!...) and wondering if you have unprintable characters in either your filenames or paths. Can you try a completely new name with

Add method, New Name, 1.00<Inc Nr:1>

Also, is G:\ your primary Windows drive? Can you try it on a different drive/partition?

10/09-18 05:49
#7 : 10/09-18 09:42
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the!! was part of the name of a a folder I have it in i put all the stuff im working in there. the !! in the windows naming system keeps the folder on top of everything else in list and detail view so I don't have to go hunting for it or remember its name.

the g hdd is a secondary hdd
c: windows 240gb ssd
f: 1tb backup/data drive
g: 4tb gaming/data hdd

and sure ill try it in f ill just move some stuff off f: first.

10/09-18 09:42
#8 : 10/09-18 12:45
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it looks like coping them to a different hdd as worked.

thanks again for your help I would say pm me ur paypal details but I don't see the ability to msg other on this site

10/09-18 12:45
#9 : 10/09-18 14:08
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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Not too worried about the $10. Still doesn't explain it though. Maybe the path was too long, or maybe it contained unusual characters. I would keep looking around and if I couldn't find a reasonable explanation then I would be using disk checking tools to make sure your G drive is ok.

10/09-18 14:08
#10 : 10/09-18 15:11
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the path was G:\!!temp
the drive is only about a week or 2 old. its a 4tb ironwolf.
I had used the program to rename those files before but that doesn't explain the brand new doc files when the first file of those didn't want to be changed.

10/09-18 15:11