How to change modified date using a text/csv file?

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#1 : 10/09-18 10:02
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Say I have a list that contains

names and dates (dd-mm-yyyy format) so like :
FileNameXYZ.ext, 08-09-2018
FileNameABC.ext, 07-08-2018

I also have files on HDD, with exactly the same names, but have the wrong modified dates,
so like:
FileNameXYZ.ext, 01-01-2018
FileNameABC.ext, 01-01-2018

The actual dates are in the list at the beginning (txt or csv)

I would like to change the modified dates of the files on HDD, using the (txt/csv)list as a base.

FileNameXYZ.ext 01-01-2018 becomes FileNameXYZ.ext 08-09-2018

Any suggestions?

Don't know if Advanced Renamer can import a file and perform a renaming using that file.


10/09-18 10:02
#2 : 18/09-18 12:27
David Lee
David Lee
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You may be able to do this in a single step using a script, but a quick and dirty solution is to do it in two stages: (1) add the timestamp to the filename & (2) reset the Modified timestamp based on the pattern added to the filename and restore the original filename.

(1) Import Data from your CSV file then New Name "<Name>!<Csv:2>"

(2) Timestamp using Filename pattern "<Day>-<Month>-<Year>" and then New Name "<Word:1>"

Unfortunately, if you try to run all three methods together in a single list then ARen fails to find the pattern when attempting to rewrite the Modified timestamp.

Note: if any of your filenames contain "!" then you will have to choose a different Word Separator.

18/09-18 12:27