Rename paired .wav files using data in. txt files?

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#1 : 12/09-18 23:38
David Lee
David Lee
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I have .wav files (recorded by a bat detector) where meta-data is saved in an accompanying .txt file, with the same filename. However, when I try to pair the files, the .wav file is always marked as the source and the .txt file the pair, irrespective of how I order the files in the file list.

There clearly is some built-in hierarchy since, if I first rename the .txt file extensions to .mp3, they then become the sources and the .wav files the pairs. Whilst this will allow me to rename the files, it is an extremely convoluted process, involving disabling pairing, renaming the file extensions, re-enabling pairing and finally renaming filenames based on "mp3" file contents and renaming ".mp3"extensions back to .txt.

Is there any way round this problem to allow renaming of the pairs based on the contents of the .txt files directly?

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#2 : 19/09-18 10:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have replied you in email.

19/09-18 10:34
#3 : 19/09-18 12:47
David Lee
David Lee
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Many thanks Kim. Your suggestion works and I've replied by email.

To clarify briefly - for the benefit of other Forum users who may possibly be interested - my request was seeking an option to select which filetype will be used as the source for renaming when A.Ren. detects file pairing.

My application was to rename triplets of WAV ,TXT & XML files with an ISO date based on data saved within the TXT file).

Whilst Kim has solved my present problem, using a list rather than file pairing, I believe that this facility could be very useful generally.

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