need to know what command to use to keep same complete filename and just change extenstion to .tif

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#1 : 15/09-18 04:04
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all my files end in .001, .002 etc depending on how many files are in the document. i need to keep the .001,.002 in every file name and add the extension .tif at the same time. it wants to take out the numbering b/c of the period in front of it when just trying to change the extension to .tif only changing the .001 and leaving all numbers after b/c would make all files the same name just changing to tif. If this isn't possible how can i batch remove the period in front of the .001 and add the .tif? To have go through and individually do this defeats the purpose of this software

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#2 : 16/09-18 18:12
David Lee
David Lee
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I assume that .001, .002 etc ARE the existing extensions and you simply want to add ".tif" to the end of each filename. Use the Add method. Add ".tif" at index zero, tick the "Backwards" box and apply to "Extension".

16/09-18 18:12
#3 : 24/09-18 23:19
Kyle Pierce
Kyle Pierce
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If you wanted to get rid of the period in front of the numeric extension as well, you could use the replace function with this regex:

Text to be replaced: \.(\d+)$
Replace with: -\1.tif
Use regular expressions (checked)
Apply to Name and Extension

This will replace the period with a dash then add the .tif extension. You can use whatever character you want in the fist place of the replace string, or you could leave off the dash to just get rid of the period if that works better.


24/09-18 23:19