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#1 : 17/09-18 22:11
Daniel Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz
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I have 128 pictures in Lightroom with the filename IMG_XXXX-2. All of the files still have the number the camera gave it but somehow the -2 was added to all of the filenames. All I want to do is remove all of the -2's or anything past the last original filename.

I know that my Lightroom catalog will be messed up but I plan to open another catalog with the new filenames then delete the original one. I don't care about keeping the changes I made to the picture

17/09-18 22:11
#2 : 18/09-18 11:26
David Lee
David Lee
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New Name <Substr:1:8>

or New Name <Word:1>_<Word:2> if "XXXX" is not restricted to 4 characters.

18/09-18 11:26
#3 : 24/09-18 23:08
Kyle Pierce
Kyle Pierce
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You could also use the "Remove" method.

Method: Remove
Remove count: 2
Starting at: 1
Backwards (checked)
Use regular expressions (unchecked)
Apply to: Name

That should trim off the last two characters of the name.


24/09-18 23:08