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#1 : 18/12-11 13:01
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How do I rename a group folders names within a subdirectory by replacing a constant string with a new string.

Expample: If have a main directory with sub directories that all have the string "pie" within the folder name. And I want to change the string from "pie" to "cake" to all sub directories how would I go about doing this?

18/12-11 13:01
#2 : 22/12-11 11:47
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Try the following.

1. First change to Folders Mode by clicking Rename Folders in the top of the list.
2. Find you folders in Windows Explorer, drag them onto Advanced Renamer and choose to add folders.
3. Clear the method list if it is not already empty.
4. Add the Replace Method and configure it like this:
Text to be replaced: pie
Replace with: cake
5. Verify new names and start batch

22/12-11 11:47