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#1 : 22/09-18 05:23
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In Win 10, a third-party program created files ending in a dot, like "filename.", which is against Windows rules since before XP. These can be seen in explorer or cmd dir, but can't be renamed, copied, or deleted, giving a message that the file couldn't be found. I have ~8000 of these to be copied, so I tried AR to either rename them to "filename" or add an extension "filename.x". Unfortunately, it looks like AR doesn't see them properly; it shows them as "filename", so it won't find the dot for a find/replace or find/trim. So this is both a bug report, and a request for suggestions... (To test this, you'd have to use something (linux?) to create the file named "filename.", since I haven't figured a way to create one of them myself)

22/09-18 05:23
#2 : 23/09-18 14:15
David Lee
David Lee
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No idea how you have created these filenames (I haven't managed to do it in Linux). However - try "New Name" in AR using the tag "<Name>" applied to "Name and Extension".

23/09-18 14:15