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#1 : 20/12-11 07:33
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I found your product to be uber useful!! I have tonnes of photos that I used to manually sort, but a google searched brought me to you. Wonderful wonderful indeed!

I'm not sure if you have stated this in the User Guide which I have tried. My question is: Is there a way to rename files according to the date and time taken but not using those categories in the filename?

For example, I want my files to go like Zoo_0001, Zoo_0002 but are chronological.

Another question is that is there a way to reset the counter for every sub-directory or date taken?

Thank you once again for your wonderful work!

20/12-11 07:33
#2 : 22/12-11 11:44
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
How are your file names right now? If you have typical files from a digital camera they are likely names IMG2001, IMG2002, IMG2003. If two of them are from the zoo and the last is from a car show you still need to handle these groups of files separately. If the files are located in different sub folders with the new prefix (zoo or car show) as name you can handle it easily.

Here is an example where the files are located in these folders:
c:\pictures\car show

1. Add all the files and sort them by date.
2. Clear the method list if it not already empty.
3. Add the new name method.
4. Set the new name to <DirName:1>_<Inc NrDir:1>.<Ext>
5. Verify names and start batch.

If the files are not located in sub folders like in my example. You need some other way to add Zoo to the file name. That can be by using the list method. Here is an example: (assuming you have 3 files, 2 from the zoo and one from a car show).

1. Add all the files and sort them by date.
2. Clear the method list if it not already empty.
3. Add the list method.
4. Write Zoo on the two first lines and Car Show on the third.
5. Set Apply To to Name
6. Configure the Name Collision Rule to Append Incrementing Number. This will add a number to the end of every filename with the same new name result.
7. Verify names and start batch.

I hope this helps you.

Here is couple of links to the user guide that might be helpful: hp?ident=tags_default hp?ident=name_collision_rules hp?ident=method_list

22/12-11 11:44