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#1 : 04/10-18 04:02
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Hi all

So i do 3D work and i have files that represent the 3D source file (ext is *.MAX) and within the same folders, i have a preview jpeg (ext is *.JPG). Both the JPG preview and the *.MAX file have slightly different names, is it possible to batch rename the JPG preview files to be the same as all the MAX files within the same folder?


04/10-18 04:02
#2 : 04/10-18 11:43
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #1:

You could use the List method, provided you are able to arrange the lists of max and jpg files separately in the same order.

Import the .max files into AR and order the list appropriately (using Filename, Date or some suitable attribute or tag) then "Populate list" in the List method with "Apply to: Name".

Then clear the list , import the .jpg files and re-arrange using the same feature as you used for the .max files to ensure that they are in the correct corresponding order.

The .jpg files will then be renamed with the corresponding filenames that you saved in the List method pane.

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