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#1 : 25/12-11 15:54
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I downloaded the Advanced Renamer and it is a fantastic little program. All that I want to do is rename my photo JPG's in numerical order, so I can burn discs with the pictures appearing in order and allowing for sufficient "0" padding.
I get to this point and my files are renamed, but when I try to open the newly renamed photos, I can't open them as "thumbnails".
What am I doing wrong?

25/12-11 15:54
#2 : 27/12-11 19:50
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Maybe you have lost your file extension. If you use the New Name method you need to type .<Ext> in the end of the new name pattern (don't forget the dot). Because you already have lost your extension you will need to be more explicit and type .jpg instead og .<Ext>. You can also undo the complete renaming batch and start all over if that suits you better.

27/12-11 19:50