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#1 : 11/10-18 04:16
Joel K
Joel K
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Hey everyone,

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while, but I just can't figure out a way.

I've got a heap of videos from my mobile, whether from Snapchat/Instagram, collected over the years. In order to organise them, I've always set the name to be the date the file was created on my mobile, however, I have a significant amount prior to this process beginning, that have lost their info whether through moving the files between PC's, or renaming them etc.. I tried my best to name them based on the most logical date value they have, which got the correct date, but wrong time for the most part.

My question, I've found a value in Properties --> Origin | Media Created, which I believe holds the value I want for these files, it looks right for the time the video was taken. The value that is in there is completely different from any other value on the file, I've used the ExifTool and just about anything else to try and identify a value that holds that same value that can be used in Advanced Renamer, but no luck.

Is there a way to retrieve this value in Advanced Renamer? Or any other tool which can rename based off this value?


EDIT: Nevermind, I found the solution to my issue. Basically, the dates were there, however, Windows was automatically updating the times to be inclusive of the +x00 timevalue in the Exif data.

I found the script here um_id=3473 to update everything.

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#2 : 21/10-18 19:29
Andrew Naito
Andrew Naito
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Version 3.84 now has the ability to create new names based on video tags and ID3/MP3 tags.

For my videos from iPhones, I use New Name and

<Video Date Year><Video Date Month><Video Date Day>_<Video Date Hour><Video Date Min><Video Date Sec>

If I receive files from other people, and we have duplicate times, I use

<Video Date Year><Video Date Month><Video Date Day>_<Video Date Hour><Video Date Min><Video Date Sec>_<Inc Nr>

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be <subsec> like on images

21/10-18 19:29