Sorting Folders Based on Latest Update

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#1 : 13/10-18 21:01
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Hi, I'm a streamer on Twitch, and YouTube, and basically I have a text source in my streaming software (OBS) that pulls it's information from a single folder. This source can't pull from multiple folders to display on the screen. There is another program I use called StreamLabels that automatically updates text folders with the difference information I use. However it puts these into seperate folders based on the platform. For example, if I got a new subscriber on YouTube it would display that name in most_recent_youtube_subscriber.txt and then I got a new follower on Twitch it would display that name in most_recent_follower.txt

On my stream I have it set up to display the Most Recent Follower in a small panel that updates automatically based on the TXT files, however it only displays from one of the files. I want to include YouTube subs with my Twitch followers rather than keeping them seperate, so that the most recent follower of either one is displayed rather than one of each. To do this I am trying to think of a way to copy the txt file from the StreamLabels program when it updates, move it to another directory, delete the old file, and then rename the new file to the same name as the old file, for OBS to pull as a text source.

Is there a way to do this with Advanced Renamer, or do you have any other suggestions?

13/10-18 21:01