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#1 : 15/10-18 22:44
Benjamin Keller
Benjamin Keller
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This issue was raised by Michael several years ago (Forum ID 237) but didn't seem to get anywhere one way or another. Like him, I'm a frequent user of Advanced Renamer -- I actually use it in combination with an Outlook add-on in a system I've developed to process large numbers of emails quickly under an established naming protocol. Been using it for years and I love it -- I'm up to 358 entries in my primary method list and counting!

Point is, because of the frequency with which I use the program it's my standard practice to leave it up and accessible on the screen at all times. The only issues I have ever had with Advanced Renamer at all stem from the fact that the minimum window size for it is *huge*. None of the internal menus and navigational areas are collapsable or resizable either, which are pretty normal features to have these days. And as a result, many of the tools that have taken up permanent residence on my screen are features that I personally have no need for, taking up space for no reason.

I use every square inch of my two legacy 1080p monitors and would dearly love to be able to free up some more space for additional tasks. Love it though I do, Advanced Renamer is a bad screen hog, taking up what amounts to a full quarter of my available horizontal space. I can reduce the size vertically to a much greater degree but this quickly impacts functionality because the only window areas that will collapse to accommodate it are the ones that I actually need, the method list and the file list. I can cover about a third of the window (the method list) and still maintain functionality, but it still takes up a good sixth of all the screen space I have.

I would deeply appreciate it if we could make the window more resizable, especially horizontally, since like most people my screen configuration is a horizontal one. And collapsible and/or reconfigurable menus and lists would be like a dream come true.



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